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Interior Car Cleaning Services located at 204 Clark Ave Ames, IA 50010, Wild Water Car Wash & Pet Wash

Interior Services

Wild Water Car Wash offers 7 self-serve wash bays and 1 large vehicle wash bay.  Our self-serve wash bays feature 11 functions with state-of-the-art equipment for you to wash your car, your way!

We provide brightly lit, wash bays that allow you to wash your car on your schedule at any time. Machines accept cash, credit cards, and Wild Water WashCards.

Powerful Vacuums
Wild Water Car Wash features 8 dual-speed vacuums. Our Vacuums are the most powerful in Ames.  You can select between regular suction vacuums and a turbo suction vacuum.

To Start:
Regular Vacuum: $2 for 4 minutes
Turbo Vacuum: $2 for 3 minutes

Shampooers & Fragrance
Wild Water Car Wash provides 4 carpet shampooers and fragrance machines.  Clean your carpet with our carpet shampooers, then finish your interior with 1 of 3 great-smelling fragrances.

To Start:
Shampooers: $1 for 2 Minutes
Fragrance: $2 for 40 Sec. 

Carpet Mat Cleaner
A Wild Water Car Wash Exclusive! Fine sand can accumulate inside your carpet floor mats. Vacuums can clean those mats only so much, that’s when you bring in the Carpet Mat Cleaner! Similar to beating your mats against something hard, the Carpet Mat Cleaner will get your mats the cleanest they have ever been!

To Start:
Carpet Mat Cleaner: $1 for 2 minutes

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